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Enterprise, UI / UX Design,
Development (iOS / Android)


iOS, Android

Fast food chains are everywhere. Everyday a new outlet is showing up in the city. Customer retention was a pain point. Considering the growing number of Mobile users, they wanted a solution using the mobile technology to attract their customers.
After a few meetings with Creace, and understanding the customers’ attraction for deals, we suggested a spin wheel application using which the customers can spin and win great deals. There was a sure deal with every spin, which means the customer gets an offer whatsoever. The deals won could be redeemed at any of the McDonalds outlet in the city. Well, the result; you know how people react when they have won an offer !! Thanks for allowing us to be part of this successful campaign.

We started off with a small project back in 2011 and ever since then , Creace Technologies is the first name that comes to our mind when we are in need any software solutions for the business. Their expert advice and easy to communicate nature has helped us in enhancing our product ideas. Highly professional and friendly, we are happy to have you as our software solution providers since 2011. Undoubtedly dependable, I recommend Creace Technologies for your IT solutions!

- SEAN SINGH, Owner and Founder , UrbanSoul

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